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We are a small erotic massage company that operates out of Amsterdam. We try to run our business like a family, and our girls are extremely important to us. This industry is renowned for being cutthroat and full of deviants, which makes us relatively unique in our approach and ethics..


As sad as it is to say many of the companies working in this industry are not legal and as a result do not have any ethical standards. As a result, this makes our lives very difficult, but we continue to hold our heads up high in hopes that in time things will change. That being said, we are confident that in time our customers will learn who the bad apples are and ultimately gravitate towards companies such as ourselves.

We do urge all customers to please seek out company's license number on their website, if it can't be found then they are most likely an illegal agencies who should not be supported.

Our Girls

We have some wonderful girls who are all unique in their one way. All our girls are legally registered and are allowed to work in the industry, so you don't need to worry about using the services of an illegal sex worker, and there are a lot of them.

As a company we are continiously looking for ways to improve the lives of our girls, looking for ways to help them to build a life after the job, which is a big problem in this industry as many girls are used and then discarded once they are past their sell by date. We on the other hand encourage our girls to study and invest their money wisely.


We hope to steadily grow and improve our services to find new and innovative ways to satisfy our customers without delving into the dark recesses of a CD world. We believe a genuinely memorable experience does not have to be a clip out of a porn movie; in fact, our experience has proven that most men are usually not looking for this but rather something more intimate and personal.


Amsterdam's No1. Erotic Massage Service

About Us

We are a legal and licensed erotic massage company operating in Amsterdam. We provide erotic massage services to hotels and private residents in Amsterdam as well as Schiphol Airport. We offer all the popular erotic massages, such as Nuru Massage, Tantra Massage and many more.

Contact Details

●  Tel: 0031 647 659 538
●  Email: bookings@bodyrub.nl
●  Hours: 18:00 - 05:00 Every day
●  City: Amsterdam
●  Country: Netherlands
●  License: ASD1043GR/ESC614


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