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Finding an erotic massage in Amsterdam can be much harder than one thinks. With so many massages and massage services available which one do you choose. The list seems endless and so many of them sound similar, then there is the fact you are not sure what you want, so what do you do? Understanding the problem, we have compiled a list of the most popular erotic massages on the market. Each massage is silent different and is catering to a particular need, for example, couples massage are for couples, and Tantra massages are more middle eastern, Double Dutch Massages are two masseuses and so on. Once you have read through the summarised list, you can drill into the section which you feel suits your needs.

  • 1. Body to Body Massage

    Erotic body against body massage

    The body to body erotic massage has quickly become a favorite amongst many of our customers due to the close nature of the massage. In this massage, the masseuse uses her entire body to erotically massage the client and slowly build up to the final point of release.   Read More

  • 2. Naked Massage

    Fully naked erotic massage

    After so many people asking if the girls are naked we decided to be a little more obvious. This is our in-house massage specially developed for the business traveler looking for the ultimate erotic massage. We've taken the best elements from all erotic massages and combined them into one.   Read More

  • 3. Nuru Massage Amsterdam

    Japanese erotic massage, world famous

    The Japanese are not only famous for cars, Samurai, and electronics, they also brought us the Nuru Massage. Your masseuse with the aid of a special gel uses her entire body to perform one of the most erotic massages currently on the market, making this massage world famous.   Read More

  • 4. Double Dutch Massage

    Double Erotic Pleasure with two Massesuse

    Two hot naked masseuses all over you with only one goal in mind, to please you. Life cannot get any better than this. It is for this reason that this massage is one of the most popular for those prepared to indulge themselves. Treat yourself and book the Double Dutch Massage experience.   Read More

  • 5. Tantra Massage

    Middle eastern erotic massage

    The Trantra Massage or sometimes called the Tantric Massage has become world famous for it sensual and erotic attributes. With its far eastern influences the Trantra Massage has become one of our most popular erotic massage on offer and a favorite to recommend.   Read More

  • 6. Sensual Massage

    The Slow Relaxing Erotic Massage

    Our Sensual Massage is a slow relaxing massage which was created to toothing the soul while providing all the erotic aspects our clients expect. The sensual massage is ideal for business men who need to unwind while still getting their sexual fix in the form of a Happy Ending.   Read More

  • 7. Happy Ending Massage

    Erotic massage focused on final release

    Everyone is looking for a Happy Ending Massage, so we thought let's make a package. As you might have guessed this erotic massage comes with a final release once the masseuse has erotically soothed you to the point of climax, a definite crowd pleaser.   Read More

  • 8. Couples Erotic Massage

    Couples Ultimate Erotic Experience

    Our couples erotic massage is the ultimate partner experience. Two masseuses will erotically please you and your partner at the same time. Be daring and take your relationship to the next level. Now is your chance to experience what everyone is talking about.   Read More


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We are a legal and licensed erotic massage company operating in Amsterdam. We provide erotic massage services to hotels and private residents in Amsterdam as well as Schiphol Airport. We offer all the popular erotic massages, such as Nuru Massage, Tantra Massage and many more.

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